Thursday, July 21, 2016

Add interactive video widgets to your books

Embedded video in book can help us understand the content better. If people can interact with video, it brings more fun. How can we enrich the video ?

CWB v1.1 supports video related widgets: Video Slide, Video Question and Video Playlist.

Video Slide
When you record lesson in class, the presentation slide is not usually viewed clearly in video. Video slide widget can make video and presentation slide display side by side. Slide will be triggered at the proper time.

Here is the demo:

Video Question
Do you want to challenge others when they are watching your video? Video Question can insert multiple choice question at different time. Video will be stopped when question is about to display. After answering the question, video will be resumed.

Here is the demo:

Video Playlist
You can group a series of videos into one widget using Video Playlist. People can select video in the playlist.

Here is the demo:

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Add your own games to your books

When your readers are reading your book for a long time, they may feel tired sometimes. If you add some games to the book, they can play the game to relax themselves. For students, learning game can help them understand the content easily.

So, is it possible to add games to your books? Creative Widget Builder (CWB) v1.1 makes it happen.

CWB v1.1 supports 2 games now:
1. Puzzle Game
2. Memory Matching Game

Puzzle Game

Puzzle Game splits photo into some parts and sorts parts in random order.

1. Tap + button and then select "Puzzle Game"

2. In "Add Puzzle Game" interface, type title and tap "Select Image"  to pick one image

3. Finally tap "Save" button

4. Tap settings icon to change style

Memory Matching Game

Memory Matching Game contains some pairs of photos and sorts them in random order. Player matches one pair at each time by selecting 2 photos until all the pairs are matched.

1. Tap + button and then select "Memory Matching Game"

2. In "Add Memory Matching Game" interface, type title and tap "Select Images" to pick some images

3. Finally tap "Save" button

4. Tap settings icon to change style

5. View sample

Please download Creative Widget Builder today.