Friday, June 17, 2016

Creative Widget Builder v1.1

New widgets:

Video Slide
Video Slide combines video and slides into a presentation that slides will be triggered at different time when the video is playing.

Video Question
Video Question inserts questions at different time of video. When the video plays at the preset time, the corresponding question will be displayed and the video stops. After answering the question, video will continue to play. It is useful for users to test their understanding of video content.

Video Playlist
Video Playlist contains a series of videos that play one by one.

Puzzle Game
Puzzle Game splits photo into some parts and sorts parts in random order.

Memory Matching Game
Memory Matching Game contains some pairs of photos and sorts them in random order. Player matches one pair at each time by selecting 2 photos until all the pairs are matched.

New features:

1. Search widgets by keywords

2. Sort widgets by title and modified date

3. Copy widgets

4. Fix the problem of external keyboard

5. Fill in the blank: dropdown list can be used to select correct answer